The Degrasse Family, Bridgewater, MA - "On behalf of our son Mike DeGrasse, his wife Tiffany and their three children, thank you so very much for the incredibly generous donation to help their family. Our son and his wife are the best people and always the first to volunteer to help someone else. They have had a very rough road this past year and it’s currently no better. Our son’s condition is critical and he continues to fight so hard each day. The kindness and generosity of people like at this foundation has brought our family to tears on several occasions lately."

~Elaine Degrasse


Food Pantry Project – In December 2021 The Hannon Foundation presented Food Pantries in our giving area with checks for $2000. These towns include: Allston/Brighton, Bourne, Canton, Easton, Falmouth, Grafton, Middleboro, Norton, Pembroke, Rockland, Scituate, Taunton, Weymouth and Worcester.

The Barker Family, Swampscott, MA

Matthew Dalton, Attleboro, MA

The Toland Family, Watertown, MA - "Heather and I wanted to say thank you from the bottom of our hearts for the generosity of the Hannon Foundation. We certainly are not used to being in this position financially, as the hospital bills begin to roll in, but we know that one day we will be able to repay or forward this donation to the Hannon Foundation to help another family in need.

We are lucky to have friends who have been thinking of us throughout these difficult times. I have participated in the golf fundraiser for 3 years now and it was always a great time, but more importantly the message conveyed and the people that have been helped since the beginning of foundation is remarkable. Thank you for the generous donation and kind words for our daughter Lyla." ~Owen Toland

Tommy Henry, Scituate, MA

The Volpe Family, Cumberland, RI


The Cordeiro Family, Rochester, MA

Kent Taylor, Attleboro, MA 

Food Pantry COVID Relief – In May 2020 The Hannon Foundation presented 10 Food Pantries in our giving area with checks for $1000. These towns include: Braintree, Easton, Falmouth, Foxboro, Hanson, Norton, Rockland, Sandwich, Scituate and Worcester. 

Susan Voss Hadley, Raynham, MA – In February this year we were introduced to Susan Voss-Hadley of Raynham who was in a terrible accident while walking her dog. The day after Christmas in 2019, Susan was tragically struck by a car, which left her with many injuries. She was med-flighted to a RI hospital, and it was later deemed necessary to amputate her leg. Her beloved dog didn't survive. Despite this horrific, life-changing event, Susan has maintained a positive, hopeful attitude which, according to a close friend, is Susan's nature. The Hannon Foundation provided funds which allowed her to pay for the portion of the cost of her prosthetic leg not covered by insurance, as well as make modifications to her home to allow her ease of maneuverability. She thanked us saying, “The Hannon Foundation is doing great things!” 

Tyler S., Centerville, MA – This young high schooler was referred to us after having been diagnosed with a rare abdominal cancer – Desmoplastic Round Cell Tumor. Radiation, surgery, chemotherapy and blood transfusions have necessitated Mom taking a leave of absence from her job. They also have a 3 year old and Dad has had to make adjustments to his work schedule to ensure care for her. As a result, monthly household bills were becoming a burden and the Hannon Foundation stepped in to help cover these expenses. “Thank you very much Hannon Foundation. This means alot to us at this time and will help ease some of the burdens associated with going back and forth for treatments in Boston.” 


Rob and Sandi Hiller, Rochester, MA – Rob, a victim this past spring of the EEE virus, Robbie spent months in the hospital and is currently recovering at Spaulding Rehab. Health complications required renovations to their home before he could return. The Hannon Foundation finds ourselves collaborating once again with our friends and great supporters, South Shore Generator to provide installation of a whole house generator which will ensure peace of mind for this family as they look to bringing him home in 2020.  

The Giangregorio/Coletta Family, Quincy, MA - A three-alarm house fire in November in the Houghs Neck section of Quincy left this family, their pets and their tenants without a place to live. Gusting winds spread the fire, forced firefighters out of the building and resulted in severe damage. The homeowners and the Red Cross assisted the tenants in finding new housing while they themselves stayed with friends. The Hannon Foundation provided financial assistance to help them through the process of finding a new home. 

Traci M. and Family, East Falmouth, MA - An emergency c-section in June 2019 resulted in health complications and Traci's extended unpaid maternity leave. As a result, she fell behind on her rent. The Hannon Foundation paid her past due rent as well as covered her through the end of the year. "You don't know how much this means to me and the weight that's been lifted off my shoulders. I don't know how to thank you!"  

A Mansfield, MA Family - Six weeks after a devastating workplace accident in September, this family's primary breadwinner succumbed to his injuries. While the family concentrated on supporting him while hospitalized, the Hannon Foundation grant awarded the family with financial assistance to help with lost wages, transportation and parking expenses in Boston. The delivery of this check was met with great thanks, hugs and tears of gratitude.  

The McMahon Family, Pembroke, MA – Kathie Hannon’s son Tim McMahon, his wife Laina and their three young boys under the age of five (one recently adopted), had life come to a screeching halt on August 7, 2019 when Laina‘s mother, a 54-year-old grandmother essentially vanished from her Hanson home. The circumstances of her disappearance still remain unsolved but there is an active State Police investigation. 

Laina’s mother cared for her children while she worked as a registered nurse in a Boston hospital.  Because of these circumstances, Laina had to take a leave of absence, and she serves as the primary family contact person for the investigation.  The donation from the Hannon Foundation will be used to assist the family financially during this time of work absence.

The McMahon family have always made it a priority to help others and have an extremely hard time asking for help when in need. “When Tim came home with the letter from the Hannon Foundation I instantly burst into tears.” Laina McMahon said. “It’s so comforting to know that during one of the most difficult times in my life, there’s a wonderful foundation in place to help us.” 

Tim has participated in past Hannon Foundation golf tournaments and will continue to golf in the future to help others in need. Tim said, “You can honestly never prepare for a devastating situation such as this. I am beyond grateful that my family selected us during this time of need.” 

A Canton, MA Family - We were referred to a lovely young woman who suffered the sudden loss of her husband. Working a full-time job, with two very young children ages 1 and 3 in daycare, she appealed to us for help with daycare expenses. The Hannon Foundation covered three full months of these expenses. She wrote to us confessing how difficult it is to ask for help. "Thank you. I am so grateful for your generosity and support during this very difficult period. You have provided some relief for me at a time when everything seems to be overwhelming and requiring adjustments. My children are the most important part of my life and being able to continue sending them to a place that has been so supportive, and where they are happy and comfortable brings me a lot of comfort."  

The Hatch Family, Norton, MA - After numerous surgeries over the past few years, and some recent health setbacks necessitating another surgery that resulted in months of unemployment, the Hannon Foundation was able to help the Hatch family catch up on a few bills. "I don’t know what to say. We have tried very hard to stay ahead of things while John battles his health issues. There comes a time when financially it catches up. I don’t know how the Hannon Foundation knew, but we are most humbled and appreciative of your generosity. Thank you very much. ~John and Patty." 


The Dunn / Russell Family, Natick, MA - We were introduced to the Dunn and Russell family whose infant son, John Thomas, was admitted to Children's Hospital in Boston shortly after birth, awaiting a heart transplant. Sadly John Thomas passed away before a heart was found. We provided funds to help with mounting household and medical expenses. With regard to his sister's heartbreak, Tim Dunn said, "I canot describe the pain she and our whole family has gone through. It means so much to receive any and all help."

The Holmes Family, Plymouth, MA - Andrea Holmes reached out to us for help with some much needed chimney repairs after the passing of her husband after his battle with ALS. He and Andrea are the parents to two young sons. During his illness the simplest of household chores and maintenance became impossible to complete, and the chimney repair was put on the back burner. The Hannon Foundation has funded these repairs. "I really appreciate that the Hannon Foundation is willing to help my family. Thank you so much for your kindness and generosity. ~Andrea"

The Harvey Family, Braintree, MA - Any parent's worst fear - their child's cancer diagnosis coupled with their loss of employment and all benefits, including health insurance. Referred to us by a long-time supporter/golfer at The Hannon Open, Brian and his family are navigating many unknowns surrounding their son's cancer treatment and health management, at the same time trying to manage their financial situation. Upon hearing of THF's pledged financial support: "I don't know what to say except thank you from the bottom of our hearts."

The Brown Family, Foxboro, MA - The result of a work-related injury in June, 2018, Matt, an electrician, husband and father of 2, suffered burns to over 50% of his body. Matt is a former colleague of many at Hannon Electric, and it was quickly evident that this family would need the Foundation's support. "We have been completely overwhelmed by the way our community has come together to help us at this difficult time. THANK YOU ALL! We honestly would not be able to get through this without the support that everyone has shown, and for that we are forever grateful."

The Norton Family, Marstons Mills, MA - The story of the Norton family came to us from a friend at the Kennedy Donovan Center in Yarmouth. Their client, the Nortons, was desperately in need of an automatic generator for their home to support a family member whose life depends on a ventilator 24 hours each day. A recent death in the family and loss of employment made this an unreachable expense. The Hannon Foundation, along with business partners South Shore Generator, Commonwealth Plumbing and Hannon Electric were able to make this happen.


The Fortier Family, Swansea, MA - We were introduced to Jeff and his family in early April 2017.  A registered nurse, the husband of Chrystal (also a nurse) and the father to three children, Jeff had just been diagnosed with follicular thyroid cancer and had surgery scheduled for early May at Mass Eye and Ear.

"I have always been a provider for my family.  For the last 14 years I've worked as a registered nurse and have provided care to patients and their families.  I've always felt it best to put others before myself. For the first time in a while I am faced with re- prioritizing my life and trying to ensure that I can take the time to care for myself and still provide for my family."

Jeff sustained a knee injury in the spring of 2016 that necessitated surgery that left him out of work for three months, depleting all of his time off.  He and Chrystal had recently moved their family into a new home, and were trying to figure out how to pay their mortgage during his 12-week recuperation, and knowing that a second surgery may be necessary down the road.  Jeff's insurance company doesn't have an in-network thyroid specialist, so he's forced to go out of network at great expense.

Members of the Hannon Foundation met with Jeff and Chrystal, who were so incredibly humbled by our pledge to help by paying those three months mortgage payments.  We hoped to help ease their financial burden so Jeff could put his energy into healing.

Surgery took place in early May and it was determined that the second surgery was indeed necessary, taking place on July 11th, requiring another lengthy recuperation.  Again, The Hannon Foundation pledged our support, and covered the family's mortgage payments through October.

"I'm officially done with surgery! I've been spending lots of time with my family.  Overall things are heading in the right direction and I can't thank you guys enough for all of your support. Thank you for what you do for families in need. I hope soon to be able to pay it forward as you are doing."


The Cleary Family, Franklin, MA - A golf tournament was the inspiration for creating The Hannon Foundation. The tournament was held in support of Nicholas, the 2-year old son of a member of the Hannon Electric family, who was diagnosed with Neuroblastoma. The money raised at that tournament allowed dad to take time off work to be with his son during chemotherapy, scans and transfusions, and to spend time with the rest of his family. Recently the family was told that little Nicholas has no evidence of disease!

"We're basically just thanking you for everything. This battle has been so hard, but honestly, I don't know what we would have done without you all. We are almost back on our feet and I can't imagine how things would have gotten if we didn't have Hannon on our side. Next year when things are officially calm, we would love to help in any way with your next fundraiser!

Honestly, there will never be words that can express the thanks. My husband is a man of few words, but he is truly humbled and grateful for everything. You guys gave him time with us during the last 18 months." 

"Help somebody if you can."

                                 ~Van Zant