We are continuously inspired by the courageous families that we meet, and by the heartfelt generosity of our donors, friends, family, and volunteers. Contact our offices today in South Easton, MA to make a donation, make a suggestion, ask a question or recommend a family. 

How to Present / Sponsor a Family

We've put a procedure in place for candidates that meet our guidelines:  a family currently residing in Eastern Massachusetts who is in financial crisis due to a parent's recent loss of job or a family member's recent medical condition.  They are:

- A sponsor will present the family to the Foundation in the form of a brief email describing how he/she knows the family, how they became aware of their situation, how the situation has burdened the family financially, and anything else they'd like to share.

- The family should also send us a letter or email to introduce themselves to us, tell us a little bit about their family, describe how this situation has burdened them, and specifically how the Foundation can help. (Letters can be mailed to The Hannon Foundation, 117 Eastman Street, South Easton, MA  02375)

- A letter of diagnosis from the doctor or a letter confirming unemployment (or a copy of an unemployment check) must also be submitted before any funds can be disbursed.

- The Foundation will communicate directly with the family from here.

We hope we'll be able to help everyone who comes to us for help, but our funds and the number of requests for help will determine this.  We hope we're helping families who will pay it forward sometime down the road.  Not necessarily with us, but somewhere.


117 Eastman Street South Easton MA 02375

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